How to implement DataTables server-side in laravel

We need to install yajra package using composer.

Run the following the command to install it,

composer require yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle:~6.0

or else add the following code to composer.json file and run composer install

"require": {  ....  ....  "yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle": "~6.0"  }

and add DataTables to providers list /config/app.php

'providers' => [          .....          .....          Yajra\Datatables\DatatablesServiceProvider::class,


and finally we publish the configuration,

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=datatables

Here we show all the data in a table, we use the same data from previous example,

<table class="datatable mdl-data-table dataTable" cellspacing="0"      width="100%" role="grid" style="width: 100%;">      <thead>          <tr>              <th>ID</th>              <th>First Name</th>              <th>Last Name</th>              <th>Email</th>              <th>Gender</th>              <th>Country</th>              <th>Salary</th>          </tr>      </thead>      <tbody>      </tbody>  </table>

the class names used above for table are as suggested by

We use some java script to initialize DataTables, process server-side requests and for the material design part we use.

<script>      $(document).ready(function() {          $('.datatable').DataTable({              processing: true,              serverSide: true,              ajax: '{{ route(' serverSide ') }}',              columnDefs: [{                  targets: [0, 1, 2],                  className: 'mdl-data-table__cell--non-numeric'              }]          });      });  </script>

As we see in the above script, the ajax call routes to serverSide, here is the logic for it,

Route::get('/serverSide', [      'as'   => 'serverSide',      'uses' => function () {          $users = App\Data::all();          return Datatables::of($users)->make();      }  ]);